Fan art

Here's some stuff people made for me!

Jade, by Foxenawolf

Redd commissioned this lovely piece of Jade by the talented artist Foxenawolf (Who does her own comic with clean talking animals you can find at )

Spam Bats, by Mark Stanley

So in some world-building on a forum, it became canon that past Kassans used messenger bats to deliver messages in the way humans once used carrier pigeons. Mark Stanley (Who does the amazing comic Freefall ) inspired himself with the joke of "Spam Bats" and now I'm eternally grateful.

Heroforge Jade, by Rascal

I managed to dig up my very first fan art created by Rascal! They recreated Jade as a heroforge miniature and did a darn good job!

You can even play with the 3D Model over at the site, assuming that the site still exists in whatever dystopian future has unfolded after the time of this posting.

Mug Whitemane

Redd commissioned this lovely sketch of Mug Whitemane from Foxenawolf! Thank you to both of them!

Heroforge Jade, by Kathy Kellogg

Kathy was kind enough to tackle recreating Jade in the Heroforge character creator and did a pretty darn good job! Did you know Kathy is a webcomic artist too? Catch up today on the long running saga of Hyena royalty over at Carry On!

Jade by Heather Bruton

While not technically fan art, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to commission Heather Bruton at a local convention! Heather has been an pillar of my journey into visual art and I was thrilled at what she did with this drawing.

Catfishing, by Mark Stanley

Mark Stanley of Freefall pedigree honoured me with a surprise gift of Jade and Toban relaxing a little at the docks! This adorable image really cheered me up and made my week. Thank you!

Josie and Gemma, by Steve Gilberg

Steve made a really fun fan drawing of an alternate timeline where Toban's proposal wasn't maybe so much of a disaster! I don't really know how that would have gone, but the result is cute none the less! Thanks, Steve!

Guest Art - Kathy Kellogg

I took a short vacation once and some fellow artists were kind enough to provide guest art! This one is another heroforge masterpiece from Kathy!

Guest Art - Deckard Canine

My second piece of vacation guest art was kindly provided by Deckard Canine! God only knows what that mascot must look like...