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Hi guys! First of all, big thanks to Kathy for providing this week's guest art. You know how Recursion is about to hit 200 pages? Do you know what's more impressive than that? Kathy's 4300+ pages. Read "Carry On" by Kathy right here!

So, vacation. I'm just taking a short break to let my creative brain work through other things. I'm currently about to launch my 3D avatar/model store with my first fully built-from-scratch avatar base. If you're interested to learn more about that, I'd recommend joining my discord and checking it out there!

I spend just about every evening after my day job waist deep in Blender and Unity just fascinated learning the ins and outs of 3D modeling. It's left my 2D work a bit sidelined. I'm going to use these next two weeks to get the Dust Devil (The avatar I've been working on) polished and finally up for sale so it stops distracting me and I can get back to work on finishing up Jade's story. I've just had a major inspiration for a small change to Chapter 10 that I'm really happy with. The rest of chapter 8, and the last two chapters are solidifying really well and I'm really proud of the story I've put together. I know you'll love it and I'm excited to see how your responses to it.

In the mean time, come look at the Dust Devil! Her goblin energy is fun. 

Dust Devil