Thanks to Some Comic Friends

Submitted by rae on

Since I don't say this enough, I'm very thankful to some fellow webcomic artists who have been very welcoming during my return to the scene.

Kathy Kellogg, creator of Carry On has been a tireless supporter generating Recursion-related discussion on CTC forums, and has tackled my self doubt more times than I can count. She is also the mastermind behind the April Fools crossover plot line that we did last year. Thank you, Kathy, for always working so hard at keeping the hype train going.

Doc Nickel, Creator of The Whiteboard has been an honest and fair minded voice of experience for me. Doc has provided me with countless valuable insights into moving forward with my comic, is always willing to provide fair and honeset feedback. In the early days of my time on the CTC, he was also first to help focus discussion in my one lonely Recursion thread when things got too sidetracked. I'm thankful to always have Doc looking out for me.

Lastly, Mark Stanley, creator of Freefall has been... honestly a better friend to me than I feel I deserve. When I first started this comic after a long disappointing era of failing to update Dissonance, I reached out to many of my old comic creator contacts. Mark not only responded, but encouraged and backed me every step of the way integrating myself into the CTC. He's often first to respond to new comic updates, and it's honestly thanks to him that I have a good portion of the readers I have now. Mark is truly a one of a kind human being. I'm lucky just to know him.

Thanks everyone. Here's looking forward to chapter 6 in a few weeks. I hope you guys like your cameos today. =D