April Fools Collaboration!

Submitted by rae on

April Fools everyone! To celebrate April Fools this year, I've teamed up with Mark Stanley of Freefall, Doc Nickel of The Whiteboard and Kathy Kellogg of Carry On to help create a mindbending multi-comic crossover mini across all four comics!

To read all four parts, head to each site below:

Part 1 at The Whiteboard

Part 2 (and part five) at Carry On

Part 3 at Freefall

Part 4 Here!

Be sure to have a peek around each site, Kathy, Doc and I all have personal comics leading into the main arc!

Don't worry though, I've still got a normal Monday update for you guys ready to go too. This is just some extra fun!

Big thanks to Mark, Kathy and Doc for making today special!

(Please note if you're reading this in the wee hours of the morning, some comic pages may not be live yet on other sites. Sorry about that)