Site Updates!

Submitted by rae on Mon, 03/15/2021 - 20:35

Great news! The first major overhaul of the back end of the site is now done (Thanks, Kevin!) And now that I've populated the various new pages, they're ready to view! Up at the navigation bar you'll find some new features.

First, the Archive page now leads to a chapter summary page where you can find a blurb about each chapter and go straight to the front page. The previous archive page is now listed at the top of THAT page so you can still go straight to an individual comic.

There's a new Fan art page featuring two images I've received. And if you wanted to make your own, you can now send them to my email found at the Connect page! (Which also has my twitter and a link to the Tapas Mirror)

There's a brand new cast page with information on our various characters, including some things you might not know bout them just from reading the comic.

I'm also fleshing out the Links page to provide links to other comic creators who have helped me get the word out about Recursion. I've got Freefall and the Whiteboard up right now, and I'm reaching out to others for suitable images to use before I put them up.